Ireland you beauty

Many years have passed by since my last visit. On the clock and the calendar: 4 years, 7 months and a few hours.

Years that definitely let me look back to what I had or who I was. Nearly 18 on the road. Another time on my own. To a country, I lost my heart to. To a country, I wanted to take a road trip through. To a country, I one day will call my home.

Cause Ireland you beauty, you are worth every second I spend thinking of you. Cause Ireland you beauty, you are the reason I lost my heart out there on my first visit in winter time 2010. And I am going to come back. Sooner than later. I am seeing you again, with all these memories in my heart. With friends, I made over there. With moments that can’t ever be taken away from me. Times with kids. Triplets who were only 10 but now are 15 years old. But still, the sweet ones I remember.

The ones who made being with them so easy. The ones who made me choose the profession I now have. Time over there like a beautiful sunrise, a morning on the beach, looking out there at the sea. Being in this moment.

With the feeling, that nothing is inaccessible. With the feeling that 4 years ago wasn’t the time you finally said goodbye to a country, you want to live in. Cause now all you are planning is stepping on this airplane again with the destination: Dublin. And on the other end: Happiness, love, friends and a road trip to places you have never been to before. Maybe one week, maybe a month. Where your heart is, everything is possible. Ireland Road Trip

(c) verena.


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